What We Believe


The Gospel Is Simple

We believe the Gospel is simple. Many try to overcomplicate a simple truth. Jesus always kept His teaching simple…speaking the truth in Love.

We preach and teach straight out of the Word of God, but we do so through the lens of helping you understand how it’s applicable to you as an individual. After all, what is the point of learning something if you cannot apply it to a certain area of your life?

So much of growing a relationship with the Lord comes through understanding what He thinks and says about you. If you believe He is a distant God who sits up in Heaven with a checklist, you will miss out on the incredible love that He has toward you. In many cases, you’ll even miss out on the plan He has for your life.

Many times, messages and teachings can be extremely vague and hard to understand. You won’t find that here. Sure, there are times that we unpack a hard Word of scripture, and it may take a minute to work through, but we will still help you understand what it means for you and why it matters.

One of the great things about Living Grace Church is that you can always ask questions. Maybe you didn’t understand or get the full revelation of the sermon… 

Shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to help!


"God Loves You More Than You'll Ever Know."